Wild Rumors of Kanye West and Jeffree Star Hooking Don’t Seem to be True

Yesterday, this wild rumor started that Kanye West was hooking up with makeup guru Jeffree Star. It all started when a TikTok user claimed to have information that Kanye was hooking up with a male beauty guru. See the video below

For his part Jeffree Star did NOT deny the rumor. Jeffree went on Twitter and tweeted “I’m ready for Sunday service”. This of course is a reference to Kanye’s weekly Sunday service. See the tweet below.

Both Kanye and Jeffree own property in Wyoming. Kanye has been spending time in Wyoming while his wife, Kim Kardashian is in Los Angeles.

Sources are telling E! News that there is absolutely no truth to the rumors.

Seems to me that Jeffree Star is just trying to use this wild rumor to promote himself.


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